A few extra in box, and optional, accessories to more fully enjoy your Zergotech Freedom
zergo freedom ergonomic keyboard initsu

Blank Keycaps

Sold separately, Blank key caps are available for the ultimate in keyboard personalisation for users wanting a different setup to the default layouts, or simply a more daring look.

Blank Keycaps

Additional Palm Rests

Purchase additional sets of palm rests for use with, or without, the Freedom Keyboard.

Sliding Palm Rests available in Slim and Tall profiles. The Fixed Palm Rests are designed for use with the Freedom keyboard.

Choice of Palm Rests

Extras in the Box

To enable you to remove keycaps effortlessly the Freedom comes with a custom made keycap puller.  The Freedom also comes with noise dampening and shock absorbing O-Rings to place around the stem of key caps.

Zergo Keycap Puller

zergo keycap puller

Our custom made keycap puller is designed to remove keycaps easily and safely ensuring no damage to keycaps or key switches occurs during removal.

Keycap Removal

zergo keycap puller

To use the keycap puller, place the arms of correct dimensions over the corresponding keycap and push down until the key cap springs back into the keycap puller, then remove.



O-Rings are small circular pieces of rubber that are used to reduce the sound of keys "clacking" against the keyboard. They absorb the stroke of the key, creating a barrier between the keycap and the switch.

O-Ring Installation

o-rings installed

The O-Rings are inserted around the stem on the underside of the keycap. The Freedom does not have the O-Rings installed by default. To install the O-Rings, only use the provided keycap puller for safe removal.