The Zergotech Freedom is available in multiple country key layout prints and formats.

zergo freedom ergonomic keyboard initsu

Key Layouts

Standard keyboards have too wide a format for the navigation keys and numpad. This requires a physical lift of your hands away from the standard character keys to use the navigation and numpad keys. Not only is this an inconvenience, it is also inefficient. Making matters worse, the right side of the standard character keys extend asymmetrically to the outside of right most finger by an inch. Located here are three of the most commonly used keys being the Enter, Backspace, and Delete keys. Not only does this create constant ulnar deviation of the wrists, it also creates an disproportionate amount of typing work between the left and right fingers.  

The Zergotech Freedom resolves this with the below layouts.

US English ANSI QWERTY Layout

  * Australian users default keyboard

Colour Coded Key Layers

colour coded key layouts

NOTE:  The Right Alt Key (or ALTGR key for international users) is activated with a double press of the Left Alt Key or switching NUM Lock to ALT GR with ISO switch macro

A remapping of the three most commonly used keys on the extreme right (Enter, Delete, Backspace), have been remapped to the left hand side of the keyboard. This not only removes the unhealthy ulnar deviation of the right wrist, but also distributes the amount of work performed by each hand more evenly. The navigation and numpad keys are integrated into the keyboard, activated by conveniently placed FN and NUM Shift keys, allowing for quick and efficient typing.

The Function Layer

function layout

The Function Layout is activated by either a FN Shift key while it is pressed, or a toggling of the FN Lock key. The FN Shift key is conveniently located nearest the thumbs for easy access and activation.This layout contains: (i) Navigation keys at your fingertips, (ii) Media keys, (iii) legacy keys, and (iv) some of the most commonly used shortcuts for your PC. This combination of integrated keys provides ergonomics with optimized speed and efficiency. 

We put thought into integrating one handed use. By placing a FN Shift key on either side of the keyboard, the right hand alone is enough to navigate around the page.

The Num Layer

the num layout

The Numpad is now integrated into the main section of the keyboard. This is activated either by the press and hold of the NUM Shift key, or the toggling of the NUM Lock key. The semi-orthogonal layout gives the user a familiar aligned setup to the standard numpad configuration. Speed, efficiency and ergonomics are all achieved for Numpad use.

Embedded Mouse Control

For the complete solution, the Zergotech Freedom is equipped with the most intelligent and intuitive embedded mouse system available. Designed for single handed basic navigation and operation, and dual handed operation for advanced control. 3 sensitivity levels, and 4 speed controls ensure the most accurate of cursor control.

Ability to switch between the mouse pointer and text cursor, with integrated shortcuts that don't require a change of layer.  Modifier keys and choice keys make this mouse more than just a cursor movement.

colour coded key layouts

Coming Soon

US QWERTY ANSI (Dual Keys Update)

colour coded key layouts


UK English ISO QWERTY Layout

colour coded key layouts


German ISO QWERTZ Layout

colour coded key layouts


French ISO AZERTY Layout

colour coded key layouts