Businesses, resellers, distributors, and consultants interested in bulk orders, do contact us for our competitive wholesale pricing.

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Bulk Pricing

For businesses interested in large orders, we offer competitive pricing in comparison to other ergonomic keyboard manufacturers. We will ship to you a demonstration keyboard for your assessment and will enjoy personally discussing with you the features and benefits of the Freedom. 

For interested resellers and distributors, do contact us for a discussion on engagement and terms. We will also ship to you a sample product for your assessment.  

We already have our products listed with a number of Australian Resellers. Join the club!

We also provide special pricing terms for ergonomic consultants and occupational therapists who recommend the most effective solutions to their clients.

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Prevent unwanted workplace injury by providing your staff with the right tools for the job.Give your customers one of the best options to fully address their ergonomic pains.


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