The Zergotech Freedom Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Freedom Keyboard

Prevent and relieve typing related pain with our innovative Sliding Palm Rests


  • Full USB 6KRO

  • 3 Programmable Layers

  • Mechanical key switches

  • Unique key cap profile

  • 4 keyboard positions

  • Durable gel based sliding palm rests

  • Split design

  • Durable double over-moulded cables

  • Symmetrical and familiar layout

  • No compromises quality build

  • 2 year warranty

  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • Blank key cap sets optional

  • Fixed palm rests optional

  • Custom made key cap puller

  • Keycap Acoustic echo reduction

  • Low power, laptop friendly

  • Remote wake up PC from sleep

  • Sound dampening O-rings optional

  • Little learning curve
Each keyboard purchase contains
  • Freedom Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Slim profile sliders

  • Keycap puller

  • Set of O-Rings

  • Instruction manuals and programming guides

  • Anti-scratch and textured glass sliding base

All other products and accessories are additional and optional purchases

Our Support

2 year warranty
60 day money back

Zergotech Research Refund!

Zergotech is offering a $10USD Refund for participation in our continued research efforts. 
Click here to learn more


The Zergotech Freedom currently has a small number of limited edition keyboards with Kailh Box Linear Switches.  Linear switches have no tactile bump or audible feedback and a smooth keystroke top to bottom. 

These are available only for a limited time after which only Box Brown and Box White switches will be offered with the Freedom

Kailh Red Linear

Kailh's Red Linear switch with an actuation force of 45gf

Kailh Black Linear

Kailh's Black Linear switch with actuation force of 60gf

Buy Now


$339.00 USD

Blank Keycaps

Blank Keycap Set
$39.00 USD

Sliding Palm Rests

Sliding Palm Rests - SLIM or TALL profiles
$39.00 USD

Fixed Palm Rests

Fixed Palm Rests
$39.00 USD

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